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QuietOn - Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs
QuietOn box, which shows charging case
Diagram of QuietOn components; and photo with part of cover off to show inner electronics

QuietOn - Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

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Info: Kit contains Earplugs, Carrying and Charging Case, and Two Sets of Tips

Noisy work or travel environments can sap productivity and cause needless stress, fatigue, and irritability. These noise-cancelling ear buds fit comfortably and unobtrusively in the ear and reduce sound levels by between 25 and 43 decibels at different frequencies (and are far more effective at lower frequencies than conventional foam earplugs) - enough to let you completely relax or even doze off on a plane or train or in a lounging area, e.g., yet still enable you to hear emergency warnings or converse with others without their voices sounding too distorted or unnatural.

Product Notes:

Loud noises, particularly enduring ones, can be quite fatiguing and very bad for your stress levels, productivity, or ability to snooze or relax. Although conventional foam earplugs can reduce or even eliminate some of them, there may be some situations where you still need to be able to hear, and you don't want to have to keep taking off your work gloves to pull the plugs in and out... or have to resort to wearing the big, uncomfortable industrial-style ear muffs which crush your ear flaps and leave you sore at the temples.

These QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are the ideal solution, and are particularly well suited for travelers; industrial workers or others who work with heavy machinery; or even students, office workers, self-employed people, or any other workers who are having difficulty concentrating due to a steady drone of traffic, lawn mowers, or nearby road construction, for example.


The QuietOn package comes with 2 rechargeable earplugs (which can go 50 hours on a single charge); a carrying case which also serves as their charger (it works with a micro- to USB cable; charging takes 1 hour); and 2 different sized pairs of replaceable tips.

These are not just earplugs which limit the amount of sound coming in (although they are partially that, and work best when you ensure the tips are fitted in snugly). They are also "Active Noise Cancellation" which actually produce particular sounds tailor-made to counteract the noises you are being exposed to. To accomplish this, they have a small built-in microphone which samples the noise, and a small computer to create a phase-shifted sound and play it through an earphone speaker, to cancel out the original sound.

Laboratory Attenuation Measurements

Frequency (Hz)









Mean Attenuation (dB)









Hearing protection certificate, from EN 352 Certification, 89/686EEC / PZT GmbH / An der Junkerei 48, D – 26389 Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Notified Body no. ‘1974’.
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