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Richard Hansler - Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!

Richard Hansler - Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!

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Info: Book, by Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D.

In Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!, Richard Hansler, a physicist who specializes in the effects of light on the body, explores how a reduction in blue light in our environments may help our bodies reduce the risk of cancer and rest more effectively at night.

Product Notes:

Emphasizing the destructive effects of blue light on melatonin, Hansler discusses a number of areas in which this probably affects our lives, ranging from jet lag and mental illness to cancer resistance and sleeping disorders.

Title: Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer! A Scientific Approach to Great Sleep and Reduced Risk of Cancer by Richard L Hansler, Ph.D.


i. Dedication

ii. Acknowledgements

1. Cutting the Risk of Cancer

2. Light and Sleep

3. The Remarkable Discovery That Blue Light Suppresses Melatonin

4. The Toronto Experiment

5. How People Study Sleep

6. The Problems with Sleeping Pills

7. Developing Lights That Don't Suppress Melatonin

8. Treating Jet Lag

9. The Sleepy Student Problem

10. Sleep and Mental Illness

11. A Safer Method of Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder  / SAD

12. Postpartum Depression

13. The Shift Work Dilemma

14. Sunlight and the Human Body

15. Why Don't We Have Any Competition?

16. How This Journey Began

17. Examining the Evidence That Controlling Light Can Cut the Risk of Cancer

18. The Next Generation of Light Bulbs

19. Testimonials

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