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Roller Ball Massage Glove

Roller Ball Massage Glove

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Info: 1 - Roller Ball Massager

Love your aching sore muscles with this ergonomically designed roller ball massage glove from Relaxus, which features nine fairly large (1.5 cm diameter) metal ball bearings on the forward side for massaging the muscles, and dozens of rubbery 'spikes' on the underside to stimulate the palms and fingers of your hands, at the same time. The adjustable strap ensures that everyone will fit this glove and benefit from a little self-administered TLC.

Product Notes:

There are many obvious relaxation and pain relieving benefits to massage, but did you know that it will also improve blood circulation and has even been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Ergonomically designed so that you can give yourself or your partner a soothing massage. You control the pressure and the speed - massage has never been so affordable!

Suggested Usage:

Secure the Glove to the front of your hand with the metal balls facing forward, by inserting 3 or 4 fingers into the adjustable strap behind it and tightening that strap.

Then roll the metal spheres over any part of your or the other person's body, using either a circular motion or up and down movements, at whatever speed and pressure you prefer.


Avoid exposing this unit to moisture. Keep it dry and clean when not in use.
UPC / Barcode: 628949032168