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Rootalive - Organic Andrographis Powder

Rootalive - Organic Andrographis Powder

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Info: 200 g (7.05 oz) Resealable Packet

Known as the "King of Bitters," Andrographis paniculata is an herb traditionally valued in Asia and India for its health benefits. A powerful antioxidant, Andrographis is also known for its effects on digestive health and its possibilities as an immune booster; not only do many use it for its reputed effects in providing resistance to the common cold, but it is even being researched for its possible use in treating far more serious immune health issues, such as HIV. Certified organic and gluten free, Rootalive's Andrographis powder might be just what your body needs for antioxidant fortification and enhanced immune health.


Organic Andrographis Powder. Gluten free.

Suggested Usage:

Mix one quarter to one half teaspoon with warm water.
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