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Rootalive - Organic Herbal Tea

Rootalive - Organic Herbal Tea

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Info: 20 Tea Bags; Totaling 36 g; in Four Kinds

These Organic Herbal Teas are all caffeine free, of course, and are also gluten-free, and have no added sugar. You can choose here between pure Turmeric, which has been used for healing for over 5,000 years in India, or Turmeric, Tulsi or Moringa blended with Cinnamon and other herbs, such as ginger or rose petals.

Product Notes:

Please see the related Organic Moringa Leaf Powder, Organic Tulsi Leaf Powder and Organic Turmeric Powder products for information about the potential health benefits of each of these major ingredients.


Moringa Chai: Organic Moringa leaves, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic clove.

Tulsi Cinnamon Rose: Organic tulsi, organic cinnamon, organic rose petals.

Turmeric: Organic turmeric.

Turmeric Chai: Organic turmeric, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic clove.

Each type is certified organic by Pro- Cert Organic Systems Ltd.

Suggested Usage:

Steeping instructions:
Use 1 tea bag per 8 ounce cup. Pour boiling water (90 to 100C or 194-212F) over bag and steep for at least 2 to 3 minutes... or from 4 to 6 minutes, if you prefer.

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Moringa Chai - $8.99 - UPC: 874311001373
Tulsi Cinnamon Rose - $8.99 - UPC: 874311001533
Turmeric - $8.99 - UPC: 874311001540
Turmeric Chai - $8.99 - UPC: 874311001557