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Rootalive - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Rootalive - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Info: 500 ml / 457 g in a Glass Jar

Pure coconut oil has multiple uses, both as a regular food oil with a naturally smooth and sweet flavour which you can use in lieu of butter or cream, for example, or for cooking with, and as a beauty product (it's good for the skin and the hair), and even as a health product, especially to aid in weight loss, since we metabolize it differently than other types of oils. And you can't get any purer than this, even if you make it yourself: this raw, virgin coconut oil has been cold pressed from coconuts grown on organic coconut plantations in Sri Lanka, and it has not been bleached or refined or subjected to any chemicals.


Virgin Coconut Oil, Certified Organic both by the USDA and by Canada's Pro-Cert Organic agencies. Gluten-free.

Suggested Usage:

Store at room temperature. It is solid at room temperature, and will melt if it gets warmer than 26C/78.8F.
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