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Salus Black Radish Juice
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Salus - Organic Black Radish Juice

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Info: 200 ml Glass Bottle

Black radishes (Raphanus sativus L. var. niger), which are slightly different members of the same subspecies as regular red radishes North Americans are more accustomed to, have been used in folk medicine in Europe and China to stimulate bile production, and as a liver protective tonic, in India. Black radish roots are high in vitamin C and contain a variety of other vitamins and minerals, and may be able to fight bacteria, and may also be effective in strengthening the immune system against colds and viruses. Some contemporary uses for it include for: relieving stomach and intestinal disorders; combating loss of appetite; increasing bile secretion to aid digestion; reducing inflammation in the throat and mouth and excessive mucus in the respiratory tract; and relieving fever, colds and cough.


Natural black radish juice pressed from fresh, certified organic black radish roots. This product contains no alcohol, preservatives or additives.

Suggested Usage:

Enjoy 4 teaspoons (20 ml; a measuring cap is provided) 2 to 3 times per day with your meals. Either drink it undiluted (but not directly from the bottle, to avoid contamination), or take it with a little liquid. Shake bottle well before use.

Refrigerate after opening, and use within 2 weeks after opening.
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