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ScalpClenz Conditioner

North American Herb & Spice - ScalpClenz Conditioner

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Info: 8 fl. oz.  Bottle

Info: 8 fl. oz.  Bottle

ScalpClenz is a complete, easy to use Hair and Scalp Personal Treatment System designed to help revive and revitalize your hair and scalp, and relieve a variety of scalp syndromes, including dandruff, itchy, flaky scalp, seborrhea, and hair loss. Formulated by North American Herb & Spice with a powerful combination of their Oreganol P73 (which has great anti-fungal properties) and a complex of other plants, flowers, and spice oils in a hair treatment base, it is suitable for the entire family – even pets!

Product Notes:

The ScalpClenz Conditioner is formulated to improve the health of the scalp and help produce more luxurious, vibrant, and resilient hair. It moisturizes both the hair and scalp; protects them from sun damage, pollutants, and hair styling products (while also enhancing their colors or dyes); and strengthens the hair and its roots, to help them hold styles better.

Scalp Clenz Ingredients:

Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, oranges, clove, ginger, pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, geranium, raspberries, blackberries, celery, boysenberries, orchid, coconut, papaya, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, oak bark, chamomile, nutmeg, calendula, jasmine, lemons, parsley, thyme, eucalyptus, cherry bark, passion flower, cinnamon, fennel oil, wild bay leaf, wild rosemary oil, sesame oil, Oreganol P73, essence of rose, essence of rosemary.

Free of synthetic or harmful chemicals. Contains absolutely no petrochemicals, dyes, gluten, colors, iodine, glycols, pesticides, glycerins, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, or phosphates.

Suggested Usage:

Overview: Shampoo in the morning with ScalpClenz Shampoo and use the Conditioner for further hair and scalp care. Let some of the Conditioner remain in the hair, to help with balding and scalp issues. The Regeneration Oil can either be applied by the drop to a selected area, or to the entire scalp and combed through the hair. When applied liberally, it is desirable and more beneficial to leave it on overnight (covered with a shower cap or a towel to keep your pillow clean).

Conditioner: This can be used not only as a conditioner but also for hairstyling. Apply as much as needed to refresh and renew hair and scalp.

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