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Norpro - Scoop/Spread/Scrape Tool

Norpro - Scoop/Spread/Scrape Tool

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Info: 10-inch Long Multi-Purpose Utensil

Heat resistant to 465F/240C, this handy 3-in-1 [plus] tool from Norpro is absolutely indispensable. Scoop, scrape, slide, spread and stir with this slender 10"/25.5cm tool that can comfortably reach into taller pots and containers. Cleanly spread condiments and freely frost desserts with the spatula like spreading end. The silicone surface doesn't absorb odours and is dishwasher safe. Choose between brilliant royal blue or rich red to brighten up your cooking space.


Silicone over nylon.

Suggested Usage:

Reach the bottoms of almost empty jars and cans where you can scoop or scrape with this long and versatile tool. Use the flatter spatula style side for spreading surfaces quickly and easily.

UPC Code: 028901917210