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Semler - Women's Birgit Comfort Classics Shoe
Semler Birgit Comfort Classics Model B6055-041-017
Semler Birgit Comfort Classics Model B6145-405-593

Semler - Women's Birgit Comfort Classics Shoe

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Info: 25 mm heel, H width, in 2 styles & many sizes

These sensible, attractive Semler walking shoes have a 25mm (just under an inch) rounded heel, and come only in the 'H' width (which is Medium/Wide). They are available in Navy/Off-white, which has a slightly sportier look; or in solid Grey (with slightly brown tones) suede, which can be worn with more types of clothing or to more types of settings. They are extremely light, but of high quality, so you can be comfortable walking in or wearing them all day, and they'll like prove to be your 'go-to' pair for everyday use for a good many summers.

Product Notes:

Clearance - Final Sale

These models are now available here only in the sizes listed.

Please note, we are only able to ship footwear orders within Canada.

Sizing: When ordering, please be sure to select your usual U.S. Women's or European sizes like you wear with other shoe brands. (For those who already own Semler shoes, be advised, the U.S. and European sizes (which are both listed here) differ from the sizes appearing on the Semler shoes themselves, which use a third type of sizing scale).

The 'Navy-offwhite' (which are more of Grey, with only a hint of blue overtones, except in photos) type (model B6145-405-593) features nubukina/metal nappa uppers, with small holes on the sides and tongue; a thin white swoop on the far side (but not on the back); white leather lining, insole, and tip of the tongue; and white soles.

The Grigio (Solid Grey) Type (model B6055-041-017) features grey (with slightly brown tones) calf suede uppers; off-white leather lining and insole; grey laces; and off-white soles.

Product Options:
Size 6 Grigio (grey) suede - $175.00 - UPC: 4054639045013
Size 7-1/2 'Navy-offwhite' (Blue/Grey) - $175.00 - UPC: 4054639597949
Size 8-1/2 'Navy-offwhite' (Blue/Grey) - $175.00 - UPC: 4054639597963