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Semler - Heike Comfort Classics Women's Sandals (Size 7)

Semler - Heike Comfort Classics Women's Sandals (Size 7)

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Info: 30mm heel, H (medium/wide) width, Black, Only 1 Size Left (U.S. Women's Size 7)

These comfortable women's sandals in Semler's Classics line (model H1075-130-245) are made in Germany, and have a removable calf suede covered footbed, and an air cushioning sole, which also has a fine tread, to reduce slipping. They're attractive enough to wear almost anywhere, but comfortable enough to wear all day and night and even dance in, without regretting it the next day.

Product Notes:

Sizing: When ordering, please be sure to select your usual U.S. Women's or European sizes like you wear with other shoe brands. (For those who already own Semler shoes, be advised, the U.S. and European sizes (which are both listed here) differ from the sizes appearing on the Semler shoes themselves, which use a third type of sizing scale).

These sandals come in Black Graphite colour (as shown), and have soft nappa leather upper material; black leather lining; just a slight 30mm (1-3⁄16 inch) wedge heel; two subdued bronze accents on the outer sides; some black velour trim on the corners of the top straps and on the sides just above the sole. The 3/4-inch wide ankle strap adjusts to length like a belt, while the two broad foot straps can both be adjusted to length with Velcro, to accommodate not only various sizes of feet to begin with, but also any swellings or bunions you might develop from your less sensible shoes.

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