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Sebastien & Groome Authentique Adjustable Apron, in blue
Sebastien & Groome Authentique Adjustable Apron, in navy (shown folded)

Sebastien & Groome - Authentique Adjustable Apron with Pocket

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Info: Available in Two Shades of Blue

Stylishly simple, these high quality cotton aprons are available in striking solid colours, and feature an adjustable around-the-neck strap for length, and a useful flat front pocket. The cotton material's thick enough to prevent even large splashes of sauce or spatters of grease from bleeding through to your clothing, and will handle multiple washings well.

Product Notes:

Made from 100% Cotton, Sebastien & Groome Authentique Aprons are available in two colours:

Lighter Blue [slate/steel blue] (UPC 841420028607)

Darker Navy Blue (UPC 841420028584)

Product Options:
Blue - $14.99 - UPC: 841420028607
Navy - $14.99 - UPC: 841420028584