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Silentmode - Sleep & Audio Mask
Silentmode - Sleep & Audio Mask
Silentmode - Sleep & Audio Mask

Silentmode - Sleep & Audio Mask

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Info: The Ultimate Rest and Recovery Toolkit

Silentmode is a high-end immersive sleep and relaxation mask which not only provides 100% blackout (complete shielding from light) but also incorporates high-fidelity earphones you can comfortably lay on in any position, to either provide passive noise isolation or to stream their own custom-developed relaxation music or other audio of your own choosing, and also works with some computer apps they developed to train you in guided breathing techniques or to schedule and facilitate power naps optimized for your daily schedule and objectives.

Product Notes:

Apart from basic nutrition and shelter, probably the best way to improve most people's health and productivity is to ensure we get enough sleep -- or, failing that, restorative naps, or at the very least, some intervals of deep relaxation on those days we can't get sleep at least 6 hours.

The sophisticated Silentmode eyemask and its accompanying software can help you obtain all three (sleep, structured naps, or stress-relieving meditational states) in a variety of settings (home, work, or while traveling), without needing any prescriptions, supplements, or extra training.

This advanced sleep and relaxation system combines:

- an eye mask which is 100% effective at blacking out light, while still leaving deep sockets to facilitate the eye movement associated with REM sleep; with,

- an integrated hi-fidelity audio system, featuring ultra thin drivers which you can comfortably lay down on, even on your side; they have a powerful and balanced output, and can function either as a means of passive noise cancellation (to reduce the noises around you, such as the drone of an aircraft engine or a furnace or air conditioning fan), or to channel their patented audio training content which trains you to control your breath to clear your mind and unwind, or simply to play other music or content of your own choosing (such as from a streaming audio service from your mobile phone) if you find that helps lull you to sleep; and,

- several types of computer applications, atmospheric sounds, psychoacoustic soundscapes, or musical selections, some of it still under development, such as to schedule Naps, or to provide various types of Breathwork training (whether for Morning Focus, to help you prepare for the day and visualize your goals; or for Pre-Nap Relaxation; or for the therapeutic relaxation of the Naps themselves; or Pre-bed Relaxation, to calm the nervous system and switch your mind off).

This Silentmode App (created by Jens H. Nielsen) software the mask works with is available for free from both the Google Play store for Android devices and the App store for Apple/iOS devices. Some of the screens you might see while using it currently are shown as part of the product photos.

This app includes their Breathonics breathing training content featuring crafted music integrated with special sonic frequencies and controlled breathing patterns, which can be set either to a RELAX mode, to help you wind down, or a FOCUS mode, to help achieve clarity and boost your energy. They are also releasing POWER-NAPPING programming, featuring unique audio content and a Smart napping alarm, for selected intervals of 20, 35, 60, or 90 minutes (with the app suggesting different times based on the amount you slept that day).


This product comes bundled with:
- the Silentmode Mask itself (weight: about 225g)
- a black fabric Carrying Pouch with drawstrings
- a connecting cable, with a standard male USB-A and a male micro USB end
- an Audio Connector, with two Mini Jacks
- a large card (which can also serve as a Do Not Disturb sign on a doorknob) with Set Up Guidelines for using the company's free computer program to increase this device's functionality. This free app includes Breathonics -- a scientifically developed system combining music with other frequencies to help you control your breathing so you can achieve focus or relaxation in less than five minutes -- and can also use biometric data and an algorithm to optimize your rest and breathwork schedules.

- Mask Material: Japanese Microfibre/Bamboo Cotton (to enable ventilation) and 3 different densities of Memory Foam for for ultra comfort.

- Frequency Response for the Custom Audio System: 20 Hz to 20 Khz

The mask is Bluetooth 4.2 enabled, so it can sync up with your mobile device to stream the audio or other external programming (including the scheduled Nap wake-up times), and has a 24 hour battery life (after recharging it using the USB connecting cable it comes with).