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Set of 3 Silicone Mason Jar Covers
Silicone Cover on a Canning Jar

RSVP - Silicone Covers for Canning Jars

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Info: Set of 4 in Clear Plastic Box; Limited Quantity

If you ever find yourself with more Mason or canning jars than covers, or their covers have lost their seal or have started to rust, but you'd still like to use the jars to store food or liquid in, we have an app for that. These air-tight jar covers are made of silicone -- that flexible, rubbery material that's safe to use with food (BPA-free) and can withstand both very cold and very hot temperatures, and so is safe for the fridge, freezer, or dishwasher. They're made to fit snugly on standard size canning jars (the lids' external diameter is just under 3 inches), and they have a 1.5 inch wide flap (shown at the centre of the photo) to grip and pull up on, for easy opening.

Product Notes:

These are not for use during the actual canning process: continue to use the metal lids for that.

They are designed for continuing to use the unused preserves after it has been opened, or for using the jars for leftovers or other purposes, such as for storing your Waffle / Pancake batter overnight.

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