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Silit 28cm Diameter Deep Frypan, Energy Red

Silit - Deep Fry Pan

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Info: Available in Several Styles and Two Sizes: 24cm (9.44") or 28cm (11.02") Diameter; Limited Stock Remaining

Cooking with Silit Fry Pans is an absolute breeze! They have a special cut- and scratch-proof ceramic coating to make the food much less likely to stick and the pan much easier to clean. These are Deep pans, with walls about 2-1/4" high, which increases the cooking capacity and decreases spatters. The Professional models have an extra-sturdy steel core which transmits more heat, which is ideal for frying foods at high temperatures such as chicken (which you want nice and crispy on the outside while keeping the inside tender and juicy). And because there is so much heavy steel in the largest pans, the 28cm diameter one has another handle built in to its other side, to enable picking it up with both hands.

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You can learn more about the Silit Cookware line on our collection page. We hope you enjoy selecting the newest addition to your kitchen.

There is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Silargan Products. Made in Germany, these are made of high quality steel, and coated with a special ceramic coating, which prevents any nickel from the steel from leeching into the food, so it is ideal for allergy sufferers. Silit produces solvent and PFOA-free products. Free shipping and handling in Canada.

Previously, we also carried Shallow frypans in this line (whose pan walls are a little under an inch and a half high) and some other colours, but only the ones listed in the drop down menu are in-stock now. (Although we may be still be able to get some of these other types in by special order.)

Bar Codes for Each Type
20cm (7.87in) - Deep - Vision (Gray) - 744004274509
20cm (7.87in) - Professional - 744004474503
20cm (8.66in) - Shallow - Professional - 744004478112
24cm (9.44in) - Crazy Yellow - 7440044781364
24cm (9.44in) - Deep - Vision Series, Gray - 744004274516
24cm (9.44in) - Deep - Energy Red - 744004430721
24cm (9.44in) - Deep - Professional - 744004477832
24cm (9.44in) - Shallow - Professional - 744004478129
24cm (9.44in) - Deep - Professional - Black - 4004633181835
28cm (11.02in) - Crazy Yellow, w/ Helper Handle - 744004441772
28cm (11.02in) - Deep - Professional - 744004474510
28cm (11.02in) - Deep - Vision - 744004274523
28cm (11.02in) - Energy Red, w/ Helper Handle - 4004633236382

Product Options:
24cm - Crazy Yellow colour - $125.00 - UPC: 744004441765
24cm - Professional - Black - $125.00 - UPC: 4004633181835
28cm, Energy Red, with Helper Handle - $179.00 - UPC: 4004633181835