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Silit Liquid Detergent (alternate label)
Silit Liquid Detergent (Intensive Cleaner)

Silit - Liquid Detergent (Intensive Cleaner)

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Info: 250 ml Squirt Bottle

This intensive cleaner by Silit is perfect for cleaning not only Silit's own high quality pots and pans, but any stainless steel cookware, plus ovens, enamel, and glass ceramic cooking surfaces (such as hobs), as well. It's powerful enough to dissolve food and cut grease, limescale, and rust, but gentle enough to work on nonstick cookware, since it does not have abrasive agents such as sand which could harm their surface. A little goes a long way: just a few drops will suffice to clean a frying pan.

Suggested Usage:

Place small amount on areas to be cleaned and clean using a damp sponge. Then rinse with water and rub dry.


Skin irritant: avoid contact; best to wear rubber gloves when using.
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