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Silit ModuLine 24cm Diameter Low Casserole
Top view of Silit ModuLine 24cm Diameter Low Casserole
4 Panels on the Features of the Silit ModuLine Line

Silit - ModuLine Low Casserole with Lid

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Info: 24 cm (9.44") Diameter, 4.5 Litre (4.75 Quart) Capacity; Only 1 Remaining

When it comes to cookware, you want a pot that's durable and long lasting, a pot with all the benefits of metal including induction cooking, and all the benefits of ceramic, including non-porous surfaces to retain the natural flavours of your food. But pots made of these materials are heavy, which can make it particularly difficult to drain the water from noodles and vegetables, or the fat from your meats -- holding the lid on and holding a strainer while you dump the liquid is impossible on one's own without help. That's why you need the ModuLine, in stylish black and with an innovative lid design.

Product Notes:

With miniature handles you can hold with your thumbs, the lid can be held in place and positioned to drain liquid but retain contents, meaning you need neither an extra strainer nor an extra pair of hands. Complete with a high-quality glass insert so you can see through the lid, and stainless steel handles and silicone coating for flame resistance and heat insulation, the ModuLine is a decision you'll be grateful for every day!

Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Made in Germany. Silit produces solvent and PFOA free products. Also nickel-free, ideal for allergy sufferers.

While Silit cookware is dishwasher safe, in order to keep that brand new glow it is recommended to clean by hand and avoid scouring agents, gritty abrasives or hard sponges. For burnt on food allow your pan to soak in warm soapy water and then remove with a sponge or brush.

UPC / Barcode: 744004475548