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Silit 16cm Vitaliano Rosso Saucepan
Silit 16cm Passion Yellow Saucepan
Silit 16cm Vitaliano Marrone Saucepan
Silit Silargan Pot Bottom
Silit 16cm Vitaliano Marrone and Rosso Saucepans
Silit 16cm Vision Saucepan
Bottom of a Silit Vision pot

Silit - Saucepan (16cm Diameter / 1.3 L Capacity)

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Info: Available in Different Colours and Series; Limited Stock Remaining

When making sauces and gravies, or heating up soups and stews, the last thing you want are flavours and impurities leaching into your food - which means the first thing you need is a Silit saucepan. Made with Silit's standard ingenious design, the saucepan's ceramic Silargan shell ensures that nothing from the pan is added to your food, while the ferromagnetic core ensures even and consistent heating. Perfect for use with all kinds of stovetops (including induction), the Silit saucepan is about to change the way you taste your food - because the untainted purity of your food is all you'll taste!

Product Notes:

These saucepans are about 7.5 cm high, with a footprint / Hotplate diameter of 14.5 cm, and a wide flared pouring rim for drip-free pouring. Made in Germany, they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Silit produces solvent and PFOA-free products. Also, all of Silit's products are free of nickel, which is perfect for those with a nickel allergy. The Vision type has all the features of regular Silit cookware, plus its coating is also enhanced with Silargan e30: an advanced material combining ceramic particles with high-quality steel, which entails additional firing.

Learn more about the Silit Cookware line here.

We have also carried other colours of these types of saucepans, including Energy Red, Mountain Blue, Nature White, and Ocean Green; they might be available for special order upon request.

Product Options:
Passion, Crazy Yellow - $124.99 - UPC: 744004441758
Vitaliano, Rosso (Red) - $149.99 - UPC: 744046332903
Vitaliano, Marrone (Brown) - $149.99 - UPC: 744046332903
Vision, Gray - $180.00 - UPC: 4004633204534