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Silit 20cm Tevera Cast Aluminum Frying Pan, top view
Silit 20cm Tevera Cast Aluminum Frying Pan, side view
Silit Tevera Cast Aluminum Frying Pan
Silit Tevera Frying Pan package

Silit - Tevera Cast Aluminum Frying Pan

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Info: Cast Aluminum Pan, Various Sizes; Limited Stock Remaining

Originally available here in three sizes (20, 24, and 28 cm diameter), Silit's Tevera line brings you cast aluminium pans that exceed the standards you've come to expect from Silit. Non-abrasive, heat-resistant up to 400° C, and protected by a hard, purely mineral coating, the Tevera line features a ferro-magnetic base, so it can be used with induction stoves in addition to electric, glass/ceramic, or gas stoves. These pans are non-stick, and perfect for cooking food at low temperatures.

Product Notes:

  • CeraProtect coated: Perfect for healthful, low-fat frying, e.g. fish, vegetables, eggs, or batters.
  • A purely mineral-based, non-stick hard coating.
  • Ultra-hard, non abrasive.
  • Heat-resistant up to 400° C.
  • Long-lasting beading effect, low-fat cooling.
  • Foods don't stick or burn.

When it comes to cookware, Silit has history; since 1920, they have made and sold their culinary products. They also have health in mind – your health and the planet's. Producing high-quality products free of harmful toxins, Silit also believes in sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Combine these benefits with the talents of Silit's ingenious design team, and you have a winning combination that results in high-quality, environmentally friendly cookware that is safe, beautiful, and eminently functional.

Product Options:
20 cm Diameter - $139.99 - UPC: 4004633288350
24 cm Diameter - $159.99 - UPC: 4004633288367