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Simply Clean - Vinegar Plus

Simply Clean - Vinegar Plus

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Info: 1 Litre

Simply Clean Vinegar Plus is not only five times more concentrated than regular vinegar, which enables it to clean much faster and far more effectively, but it also has added glycolic acid, which is good at descaling or cutting through hard water salts or calcium deposits, but is safe on most common metals and has low toxicity. Together, these can tackle not only soap scum, mold and other buildup on pretty much every surface in kitchens and bathrooms, but you can also descale appliances such as kettles and coffee makers with it.

Product Notes:

Price may vary in-store. This is an environmentally and animal friendly product which contains no phosphates, EDTA, NTA, chlorine, or dyes, and it was not tested on animals.

Suggested Usage:

Acetic acid, citric acid, and hydroxyacetic acid (glycolic acid).


Keep out of reach of children. May irritate eyes and skin; do not get in eyes (rinse with water for 15 minutes if you do), or on the skin or clothing. Do not breathe fumes. If swallowed, call Poison Control Centre or soctor immediately.
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