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Simply Organic - Baking Extracts & Flavours

Simply Organic - Baking Extracts & Flavours

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Info: 59 ml Bottle; 3 Types; Limited Quantities Available

Use Simply Organic Baking Extracts to flavour baking, chocolate or chocolate dishes, coffee, milkshakes, or other drinks, frostings, homemade ice cream, puddings or other desserts, and much more. You can choose here between several classic flavours: almond, lemon, or peppermint (with the latter two being alcohol-free).

Product Notes:

If you've ever been so enamoured with the fragrances from the food-related essential oils while doing aromatherapy that you're tempted to repurpose them for cooking but wonder whether they're food-grade -- don't: get these, which most assuredly are.

Most ingredients are USDA-certified.


Almond Baking Extract: Purified water, organic alcohol, glycerin, natural bitter almond oil.

Lemon Baking Flavour: Organic sunflower oil, organic lemon oil.

Peppermint Baking Flavour: Organic sunflower oil, organic peppermint oil

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Almond Baking Extract, 59ml - $6.99 - UPC: 089836186188
Lemon Baking Flavour, 59ml - $6.99 - UPC: 089836186201
Peppermint Baking Flavour, 59ml - $6.99 - UPC: 089836186225