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The Skrapr - GLOWr

The Skrapr - GLOWr

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Info: 2 Self-Charging Illumination Discs & Mounting Hardware Per Package

The GLOWr self-charging solar powered illumination discs from Skrapr are a great, green option for inexpensive, glowing illumination -- no batteries, electricity or bulbs needed! Each package comes with two glowing discs, which are nearly 2 inches in diameter, plus the rings they sit in, and 2-inch long screws (which you tap in) to hold them down, or you can glue them in place, on some surfaces.

Suggested Usage:

Sample GLOWR applications

Save money and energy, while providing effective, safe, maintenance-free illumination for any area. Eight minutes of exposure to daylight provides 48 hours of glow.

Maintenance-free GLOWrs can be used to outline areas in very dark conditions outdoors, and may also be able meet nighttime needs indoors, such as for hallway or stair illumination (depending on the intensity of the available light there is to charge them).

UPC / Barcode: 892050000150