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Aviva - Sleep Light Package (Lamp & Bulbs)

Aviva - Sleep Light Package (Lamp & Bulbs)

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Info: Lamp, 2 Relax Bulbs and 1 Daylight Bulb

For those who want to stay up past sunset (especially in the winter!) in a lit room but still be able to sleep, there are two main solutions: filter the light before it gets to your eye, or alter the light source itself, so it's emitting yellow and orange rather than blue light. This bundle pairs a very efficient low-heat bulb which emulates the glow of sun in the hour before sunset, with a lamp that's great for reading and also can be positioned straight up for indirect lighting at the end of your day. This quality desk lamp also comes with a daylight bulb, which is ideal for earlier in the day or as a task lamp.

Product Notes:

Full Spectrum Desk Lamp

Many of us have trouble getting a good night's sleep, and because of exposure to broad spectrum lights late into the evening, which interferes with our natural biological sleep/wake routine. Our sleep cycle is cued to lighting conditions -- particularly the rising and setting of the sun (which shuts down and triggers our melatonin production, respectively).

Want more information? Be sure to read 'The Blue Light Switch for Improved Sleep' by Nathan Zassman.


Sleep Light Bundle Includes:

1) The Ottlite Tulip Desk Lamp, with a white shade, chrome neck, and silver base, as shown. This adjustable lamp has a 5-3/4 inch diameter base and can vary in height between 16 and 23-1/2 inches, depending on how its flexible gooseneck is positioned. The gooseneck can be easily retracted into the base to serve as mini torchiere lamp for ambient lighting.

2) Also included is OttLite's Daylight bulb: a 15 watt bulb comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb in total brightness, but using 75% less energy and lasting up to 10 times longer than them, and offering a broader spectrum, truer colours, clearer details and lower glare than conventional Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. The net result of 1 & 2 is OttLite's 508 Illumination technology: a precise balance of brightness and contrast, which enables you to see fine print and details more clearly, while reducing eyestrain and glare distortion.

3) A 2-pack of the Relax LED Light Bulb by MiracleLED: an extremely efficient 9 Watt bulb providing 600 lumens of light (equivalent to that of some traditional 60 Watt bulbs, but with almost zero heat output and operating at just a fraction of the cost, with an Estimated Lifespan of 20,000 or more hours), emulating the peaceful warm glows of a setting sun to encourage a natural, restful sleep. These new bulbs are the same size and have the same thread as traditional bulbs, so you can also put the second bulb in another light fixture either in your living room or your bedroom. You might get up to 18 years of use from each bulb (at 3 hours/night).

Live in Winnipeg? You can see the Relax bulbs and our sleep lamp package on display in store at 1224 St. James Street. Also be sure to see our selection of other light therapy products and sleep solutions including sound machines, supplements, and organic bedding.