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Zenbev BioDark Sleep Mask Kit package
contents of Zenbev BioDark Sleep Mask Kit package
Inner side of Zenbev BioDark Sleep Mask
Zenbev BioDark Sleep Mask carrying case

Zenbev - BioDark Sleep Mask Kit

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Info: Sleep Mask, Ear Plugs & Carrying Bag

Help your brain maximize production of melatonin by blocking out all light and noise distraction with The Zenbev BioDark Sleep Mast Kit distributed by Biosential. Elimination of light and noise stimuli when you sleep is a very important step on the road to improved sleep as well as overall health and well-being. The Sleep Kit contains one high quality sleep mask, cylindrical ear plugs and a handy drawstring bag to keep them in.

Product Notes:

The creator of Zenbev, Dr. Craig Hudson developed this sleep mask to completely block out ambient light at night. A good sleep mask must pass the light test: hold it up to a very powerful bulb and no light should penetrate; even a tiny point of light is too much. This mask has extra layers to be totally opaque but is made of cool cotton so it can breathe and not become too hot. It also has an extra piece of material around the nose to ensure no light leakage. Two secure elastic straps keep the mask on firmly, but not too tight.

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