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Norpro - Smart Universal Lid

Norpro - Smart Universal Lid

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Info: 12.25 x 12.25 x 1.75 inches; Limited Stock Remaining

Healthy cooking requires a clean cooking space -- a healthy kitchen is a clean kitchen! However, keeping your cooking spaces clean can be hard enough without having to worry about splashes and boil-overs from pans and pots. However, the solution is not as simple as merely using a lid; without a steam vent, pressure can build up, making your heated food more volatile, and increasing the likelihood of scalding when the lid is removed. This is why Norpro's Smart Universal Lid is such a wonderful investment.

Product Notes:

With a steam valve that you can toggle between open and closed, the universal lid uses high-heat resistant silicone on the edges to make it a snug fit for pots and pans ranging from 7.5 through 12 inches in diameter. The centre is made of tempered glass, so you can easily see the food you're cooking – no need to lift the lid to peek. Why put up with more spills and boil-overs than you need when you can use this handily designed, steam-vent-equipped pot lid?

Made from non-stick material. Heat resistant up to 465° F.

This three-panel photo shows the Norpro Smart Universal Lid from above; and close-ups of its adjustable handle, from the side, and from below.

Top view of Norpro Smart Universal Lid; and close-ups of its handle, from the side, and from below

UPC / Barcode: 028901706272