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Soap Saver in Use
Sud Stud Benefits
a Silicone Soap Saver on a bathroom sink after use
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Silicone Soap Saver

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This product is temporarily unavailable. Alternatively, please see the Eco Soap Sack.

Boost your suds and save your money. Get a better clean and make your favourite soaps last much longer with this eco-friendly soap saver!

Product Notes:

Video for illustrative purposes only.
This video features the Sud Stud, a brand name soap scrubber.
The Aviva Soap Saver is a very similar concept
but not exactly the same product as shown here.

Save soap, save money. We're washing our hands a lot more these days. This soap saver can help produce more suds while reducing the actual amount of soap used by up to 80%.

Do you hold off buying high quality commercial or natural soaps because you find you don't get your money's worth out of them? Or are you tired of seeing bar soaps slide off the rim of the sink or disappear in the tub? Or are you concerned about the bacteria which can build up on filthy loofah brushes or other scrubbers, but still want something more sanitary to help exfoliate while you bathe or shower? This Silicone Soap Saver can solve all those problems, and more!

The Clever Shower Scrubber

The Soap Saver is another one of those ingenious products we probably didn't know existed before, but quickly becomes indispensable once you've used one.

Reduced Surface Area = More Soap Suds with Less Soap

In simple terms, it's just a rubbery case with holes in it that holds a bar of soap. But in practical terms, it produces over twice as many suds and lather from the same amount of rubbing and water as the soap alone does, so you'll end up using a lot less soap each time - bars can last up to five times longer!

It also serves as a scrubber, cleaning much deeper than just gliding the soap over your body. Unlike some types of scrub brushes which foster bacteria growth in-between uses and/or need a lot of drip-drying and TLC to keep them relatively clean, this is made of an anti-bacterial material that dries quickly, and can also be boiled in water to sterilize it.

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Soap Saver Composition, Dimensions, and Capacity:

Made of Anti-Bacterial, Medical Grade Silicone.

It is 10 cm long × up to 6 cm wide × 2 cm deep (about 3.9 x 2.4 x .8 inches), to begin with, but can expand to about twice that size to accommodate almost any standard soap bar weighing from 6 to 8 ounces. If you have soap that is larger than that or irregularly shaped, you can simply cut it in half.

Soap Saver Insert

Suggested Usage:

Just find a compatible soap bar in the right size, shape, and weight range (or cut one down to size, if need be); run a little water over / wet it, to make it slippery; and slip it into the opening on one of the side edges of the silicone soap sleeve.

Then, just use it with water to wash your hands, face, or body as you would an ordinary bar of soap, in the bath, shower, or sink.

If you are out of or do not use bar soap, you can also use this as a gentle scrubber with a few drops of liquid body wash or hand soap.

Some even use these types of scrubbers to clean some types of dishes with.