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Solberry - Seabuckthorn Soap
Solberry - Seabuckthorn Soap
Solberry - Seabuckthorn Soap

Solberry - Seabuckthorn Soap

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Info: Two Types Available ~103 grams per Bar

Traditionally renowned in Europe and Asia for their health benefits, antioxidant-rich Seabuckthorn berries are perfect not only as a supplement, but for skin care - their rich combination of vitamin E, phytosterols, carotenoids, and essential fatty acids make them a popular choice for enhancing skin-care health, including wound healing, hydration, and anti-aging elimination of free radicals. Two types of Seabuckthorn soap are available, which both Cleanse and Detoxify: one made from extracts from the Leaves, which is suitable for ALL skin types; and one made from the Fruit, designed more for those with Sensitive or Dry skin, which also contains soothing Calendula.

Product Notes:

There are plants and other natural ingredients all over the world coveted for their contribution to skin health, and, indeed, people are often well-repaid for the high price of getting products containing these ingredients in their home country. Yet sometimes we overlook the things that are right in front of us. Thanks to the cooperation of local researchers, marketers, and farmers, Seabuckthorn berries are now grown and processed in Manitoba.

Why go looking for exotic health products throughout the world when you can find them in your own backyard - in Solberry's Seabuckthorn soap.


Fruit type soap (874113000017): Olive oil, coconut oil, reverse osmosis water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, Seabuckthorn fruit puree, Seabuckthorn oils, Calendula officinalis, honey, essential oils.

Leaf type soap (874113000024): Olive oil, Coconut oil, reverse osmosis Water, Palm oil, sodium hydroxide, Seabuckthorn leaf extract, Seabuckthorn seed oil, Honey, Essential oils.

Suggested Usage:

Suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Use daily in the bath or shower.

Product Options:
Seabuckthorn Fruit Soap, for Sensitive Skin - $8.99 - UPC: 874113000017
Seabuckthorn Leaf Soap, for All Skin Types - $8.99 - UPC: 874113000024