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Sol Bru Restore Elixir Drink

Solbru - Restore (Alcohol-Free Elixir)

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Info: 750 ml/26 oz Bottle

Soulful Plant Alchemy - SOLBRÜ Restore is an alcohol-free herbal elixir which resembles hard liquor (and in some respects has a similar "bite"), but is actually good for you!

Info: 750 ml/26 oz Bottle

Soulful Plant Alchemy - SOLBRÜ Restore is an alcohol-free herbal elixir which resembles hard liquor (and in some respects has a similar "bite"), but is actually good for you!

Product Notes:

Glass of Sobru Restore with ice and a citrus twist

Shipping Note: Solbru Restore is usually available at our retail centre in Winnipeg (please contact us to confirm availability). Delivery via Canada Post may be impractical to some locations due to the volume and weight of these bottles. You will be contacted by customer service prior to processing with additional information if required.

The Sophisticated Alcohol-Free Option

Solbrü is a new beverage company in Winnipeg which creates beneficial alternatives to alcoholic drinks, great for social settings where others are imbibing, or just for those nights where you want something non-alcoholic for your evening ritual.

Social & Sober Living

Whether you're a teetotaler, a designated driver, a reformed drinker, on medication, or you simply want to take a night off from drinking – there are times you may find yourself in a gathering where you want to drink something else. Alternatively, maybe you're just 'Sober Curious' or want to explore the moderation movement and see what it's like to socialize without alcohol for a change.

Regardless of your reason, with Restore, Solbrü (which may be pronounced as "Soul Brew") provides an alcohol-free elixir with a bold, authentic taste. Its evolving flavour profile simulates the complexity of traditional spirits – with a balanced bitterness, interesting top notes, and a back end spice to create a developing warming sensation or 'burn'. Restore is not distilled and doesn't actually taste like any alcohol you know, so is unlikely to trigger a relapse if you are in recovery.

Health Benefits

Restore is much more than just an approximation of the look, taste, or feel of an alcoholic drink, however. It actually contains the extracts of a medicinal mushroom (Reishi) and several traditional herbal remedies with adaptogenic, antioxidant and detoxifying properties to support the digestive, immune and liver function. So not only will it not cause a hangover, but it also even incorporates one of the standard hangover remedies: milk thistle.

Three Varieties of Solbru Elixirs in Winnipeg

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Main Ingredients:

RESTORE Elixir - Organic reishi mushroom extract, organic dandelion root, organic milk thistle, organic licorice root, and organic gentian, with ginger​, orange, apricot and cardamom top notes.

There are some natural food preservatives in this SOL BRU product, but no artificial flavours and sweeteners, no refined sugar, and of course there is 0% alcohol.

Suggested Usage:

Enjoy a glass of Restore in any of the four main ways people take liquor: on the rocks, with a slice of citrus as a twist; as a cocktail, either mixed with juice (orange or grapefruit are recommended) and possibly soda, or just with soda and splash of a craft syrup of your choosing; or poured over milk (except it's unsweetened vanilla oat milk or nut milk that are recommended). Or just down it a shot at a time! Other combinations include flavoured sparkling water, or even with kombucha.

Suggested serving size: from 1 to 6 ounces a day.

Solbru Restore is shelf stable for about six months. Refrigerate after opening to reduce oxidation.


Due to the functional nature of the mushrooms and herbs in this elixir, you should consult with your doctor prior to using Solbru if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any serious health concerns.

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