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Sound Oasis - White Noise Machine S-100

Sound Oasis - White Noise Machine S-100

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Info: Model S-100 White Noise Machine with Speaker

Sound Oasis' Model S-100 is a dedicated White Noise Machine preprogrammed to generate 10 different tones of white noise (some may be better suited to your range of hearing, or to the frequencies you want to mask), in a seamlessly continuous rather than looped fashion. It's powered by a USB cable (included), either from your own computer or multi-media devices (including some TV set-top boxes, these days), or from the unit's own wall plug adapter. It's about 4.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep, so can easily be taken with you while you travel. You can even use it as a speaker (mono), to plug your MP3 player other sound or computer devices into, to play something before it's time to go to sleep.

Product Notes:

Some people can drop off to sleep almost immediately and sleep through anything, but not all of us are so blessed. Whether it's traffic, distant sirens, voices outside or from people or TVs in surrounding rooms or apartments above, the furnace coming on, or birds chirping at the crack of dawn...the noises which can prevent us from getting to sleep or reawakening us prematurely can be endless. Similarly, even when you want to remain awake, you may want to be able to tune out noisy distractions so you can maintain your concentration, or you may be suffering from tinnitus and need to counteract other noises. White noise to the rescue! White noise (like the "sshh" sound you hear in the blank spots between radio stations) has been clinically proven to be able to helps people or animals sleep better.

Also Included:

Model S-100 AC adapter and USB cord

The base unit with the built-in 3 inch speaker, 10 white noise sounds, and volume control comes with a Micro USB Adapter & Cord (the unit can be powered by plugging it into your laptop or desktop computer, etc.) and a 5 volt, 550mA power adapter with standard North American prongs, to power it from an AC wall outlet (for overseas travel, different prongs for European or Australian/South African plugs are also available, from the company), plus input and output jacks, to use it as a speaker for other sound sources, or to use with headphones or pillow speakers. It uses very little power, so could be left on all day, but has a timer switch to shut itself off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes, if desired.

UPC / Barcode: 680583610133