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Sound+Sleep - Mini - Sleep Therapy System

Sound+Sleep - Mini - Sleep Therapy System

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Info: Mini Sleep Therapy System (Black)

S&H included in Canada. Sleep better at home and on the go. No Prescription Necessary.

Info: Mini Sleep Therapy System (Black)

S&H included in Canada. Sleep better at home and on the go. No Prescription Necessary.

Product Notes:

We've all been there ... unable to sleep while on the road. Whether traveling for business or pleasure trying to sleep away from home can be difficult and frustrating. Insomnia is a top complaint among travelers, and with over half a billion people in the world suffering from occasional or chronic sleep disorders, many turn to prescription or over-the-counter sleep aides for help. Now there is a better way.

Designed specifically for travel, the SOUND+SLEEP Mini is a natural, drug-free solution with scientifically-engineered features, which allows you to relax and gain the replenishing rest your mind and body crave while on the road – all without expensive pills or the negative side-effects of sleep-inducing prescriptions. The Mini features flexible power options, letting you use your choice of AC power, batteries or USB. Sleep better at home and on the go.

(Please note, our units have a black case, not white as in this review video.)

* Rich, Natural Sleep
* from Adaptive Sound Technology Inc. (ASTI)
* High-Definition Sound Profiles
* The perfect gift for loved ones

Model/Colour: Black 

Product Dimensions: 6" Long, 4.5" Wide, 2.625" High


Best-in-Class Benefits for Sound Sleep and Luxurious Travel

* High-end digital sound machine featuring natural sound stories, white noise, and fan sounds to help you sleep better and rest more peacefully.

* Compact design that is sleek, rugged, and ideal for home and travel.

* Soothing sound sleep machine, but also ideas for connecting to your devices.

* Listen to MP3 players or other portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

* Improve clarity of phone conversations by connecting your smartphone.

* USB power adapter with cable and audio cable included.

Sweet Dreams and Peaceful Rest:

* 12 unique categories of natural sounds with 48 non-looping sounds including: brook, ride, lea, ocean, baby, rain, home, fan, and brown/pink/white noises.

* 12 unique sound categories with four sounds in each for a total of 32 natural SoundStories, four fan sounds and twelve white/pink/brown noises.

* Best sounds quality with no looping audio content.

* Three Operation Modes: Adaptive for variable noise environments, Manual for steady noise environments and External Audio Mode for listening to music, etc.

* One touch volume controls providing excellent dynamic range.

* Upward facing speaker for great full room sound acoustics.

Mini is singularly unique, and the result of serious efforts by sleep, audio, electronics, and software specialists. Natural sound ecosystems were captured with professional recording equipment and are reproduced in real-time using the latest in advanced electronics. This convenient sleep therapy system, with a compact yet rugged design, provides a truly enjoyable listening experience whether you are sleeping, reading, or relaxing during travel or at home.

This unit utilizes patented Adaptive Sound technology that "listens and responds" to each user’s environment for unwanted and disruptive ambient sounds. By featuring real-time compositions of high-definition, mostly natural sound recordings, ultra high-quality SoundStories are produced with no noticeable repetition. With up to 32 SoundStories to promote a deeper sleep, relaxation and renewal, the Sound+Sleep Mini is the ideal travel companion.

Additional features:

* Display lights can be turned on or off for easy nighttime operation
* Sleep Timer can be set for gentle turn off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes or left on all night
* Sound Richness control for deeper more complex sound profiles

Able to run from AC power, USB, or 4 AA batteries (not included) -- perfect for any traveller. Also with the line input jack the MINI can play
music or audio from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player.

So grab your new travel companion and finally sleep well while travelling.

UPC / Barcode: 897392002220