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Sleep Therapy System by Sound and Sleep

Sound+Sleep - Sleep Therapy System

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Info: ASTI Model ASM1002

Shipping Included in Canada. SOUND+SLEEP - Adaptive Sound Technology - The only sleep therapy system that 'listens' to your environment and automatically adjusts playback levels to minimize disruptions.

Recharge. Rejuvenate. Refresh. Boost your energy, feel more alert, improve your health and promote your body's natural defenses with a better night's sleep.

Product Notes:

ZDnet selected Sound + Sleep as one of the top ten stress- relieving gadgets that everyone needs. Much more than a 'dumb' white noise machine, Sound+Sleep's adaptive sound sleep therapy system allows you to tune out the world and tune in to naturally deep sleep. This patented technology automatically adjusts volume levels and dynamically mixes complementary sounds into the main sound track in response to background disturbances. SOUND+SLEEP measures the ambient sound in a room with its built-in microphone, and determines the appropriate mix of sounds to play. This real-time sound composition helps to minimize disruptions and ensure a continuously relaxing environment regardless of the surrounding noise.

Aviva Customer Comments:

Sound+Sleep - Sleep Therapy System -- Excellent product, service and faster than expected delivery! 100% pleased with this transaction after a horrible experience with an untrusted dealer. Pleasure doing business with this great Canadian company; will definitely buy again in the future! Many thanks. - D~ -- Windsor, ON

The sound machine ... great Quality and sound - couldn't ask for better. - K. Donovan -- Kamloops, BC


Ecotones Sound+Sleep System Features:

- Patented Adaptive Sound Technology listens and responds to your environment to neutralize unwanted background noise.
- Top facing speakers for full room sound, 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for privacy.
- One-touch volume control and lighted display for easy night time operation.
- 4 level timer (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) with gradual turn off or continuous play.
- Small, sleek and stylish functional design.

Baby Sleep: Sound+Sleep minimizes sleep disruptions to help babies sleep naturally.

Sleep-aid for tinnitus: Ears Ringing? White noise and other well-produced natural sound profiles may help ease your tinnitus suffering.

Sweet dreams have never sounded better. Ten naturally recorded high-definition sound profiles including: waterfall, fireplace, ocean, meadow, train, city, rainfall, brook, meditation and white noise.

Are you looking for a deep restorative sleep without the use of drugs and their side effects? Has your lack of sleep been causing stress over your job, your weight or your well- being? Do you get frustrated by lying listless to the point of turning to prescription sleep medication? Sound+Sleep is the only sleep therapy system that "listens" to your environment and automatically adjusts sound playback levels to minimize disruptions.

Take in the relaxing sounds of nature including a soothing brook or refreshing rainfall. With 10 beautifully captured high-definition sound profiles you can begin to improve the quality of your sleep without the use of potentially harmful traditional sleep aids.

While many people find temporary relief from prescription or over-the-counter sleeping pills, most find their effectiveness is reduced over time. Sleep medications can treat the symptoms of insomnia, but don't address the underlying causes and can in cases, make the problem worse. Some of the most common concerns with using an over-the-counter or prescription sleeping aid include: Side effects, drug tolerance, drug dependence, withdrawal symptoms, drug interactions ,rebound insomnia, serious health risks. Sound and Sleep Adaptive Sound Therapy System is proven to be a safe and effective solution for your sleeping disorder. It's time to tune out the world as you tune in to naturally deep sleep.

Icons for the Ten Different Sound and Sleep Therapy Sound Settings

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