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Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Starter

Sourdough Starter

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Info: 50 g Fresh Sourdough Starter - Available In Store Only

Starter with Plastic Jar & Lid (or Free with Your Own Container).

Want to bake, but having difficulty finding baker's yeast? Or do you simply prefer the more interesting tastes and chewy texture of sourdough bread? Active sourdough starter made right here at Aviva is ideal if you want to make your own sourdough bread or pancakes other sourdough products on an ongoing basis.

Product Notes:

Sourdough starter can be defined as, "a self-sustaining fermentation of flour, water, wild yeasts and bacteria that produce lactic and acetic acids."* It can be made from scratch in about a week simply by using flour and water, in a carefully timed cycle of care and feeding, to produce a live culture that can be added to your normal ingredients to make the dough rise, instead of using Baker's Yeast.

Available for Free in Store

Fresh sourdough starter is now usually available in store for free during normal business hours at our retail location in Winnipeg, if you bring your own clean container to put it in. Alternatively, you can purchase some in a quality reusable glass jar suitable for storage with a rust-proof plastic cap (standard metal jar lids are prone to rust). Please contact us to confirm availability.

The images shown are representative. Natural colour variation is normal. Availability of exact jar types may vary.

This starter is one made from 4 parts organic spelt to 1 part rye flour using pure, filtered, unchlorinated water.

While here, please be sure to see our selection of other ingredients, tools, and appliances for the home baker.

Availability will vary, but many days there is also fresh bread in store to sample or purchase as well!

This starter will last indefinitely and continue to get stronger and more active, simply by replenishing it once or twice a day with equal parts of flour and purified water (not chlorinated).

A loaf of sourdough bread made with this sourdough starter, sliced open, and the edge of another loaf

* Nic Fleming, "The Science of Making Sourdough Bread," in The Observer, Food, published by The Guardian, International Edition, Sat. 23 May 2020.


4 parts organic spelt to 1 part rye flour. Pure filtered, unchlorinated water.

Suggested Usage:

To maintain the activity of the sourdough starter, we recommend adding 100 grams of organic flour and 100 grams of filtered unchlorinated water to it each day, if you are keeping it at room temperature and using it frequently to bake; or about once a week, if you are keeping it refrigerated, for less frequent use.