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SousVide Supreme - Water Oven - Sous Vide Machine
SousVide Supreme Package

SousVide Supreme - Water Oven - Sous Vide Machine

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Info: Water Oven Only or Full Sous Vide Package

A respected gourmet cooking technique for decades, cooking sous vide is now as simple as heating water. The SousVide Supreme water oven system brings the respected sous vide cooking technique (and its professional results) to your kitchen countertop. S&H Included in Canada.

Product Notes:

Offering unparalleled cooking convenience, SousVide Supreme water ovens turn tough cuts of meat into tender delicacies, minimize the loss of nutrients in your food, and eliminate the need to keep a watchful eye on your meals as they cook. The SousVide Supreme system automatically maintains the water temperature, ensuring that your foods will cook perfectly every time.

Please Note: Choose Your Package Option.

The Basic option includes only the Sous Vide Supreme water oven (SVK-00001), with a user manual and an instructional DVD. To use the SousVide Supreme optimally, you will also require a vacuum sealer and vacuum bags, which can be purchased separately. However, the easiest and least expensive way to purchase everything you need for Sous Vide cooking is to select the optional SousVide Supreme Starter Package (DSV-00179) -- a promotional package which includes everything you'll need to start cooking sous vide immediately, including the water oven (plus its user manual and instructional DVD), as well as the latest version of their vacuum sealer (which includes 12 vacuum seal bags), and an Easy Sous Vide cookbook.


- Total volume: 11.2L (2.96 gallons)
- Max cooking capacity: 10L (2.6 gallons)
- 110-120 volt
- Dimensions (W/D/H): Overall 11.4"/14.2"/11.4" (29/36/29cm)
- Bath Dimension: 9.9"/12.6"/6.8" (25/32/17cm)
- Weight: 13 lbs (5.9 kg)

Temperature: Display digital LED, adjustable in increments of 1ºF (0.5ºC). Range 86ºF to 210ºF (30º to 99ºC). Precision 1ºF (0.5ºC).

Timer: Displays to 1 minute resolution, settings variable 0 min to 99 hours, cycle end audible repeating beep.

Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and more. Cook perfectly every time with the SousVide Supreme water oven system. Say goodbye to overcooked steaks, dry fish and soggy vegetables. Sous vide cooking minimizes evaporation and loss of nutrients, producing food that is moist, tender and flavourful. Because food is sealed in airtight vacuum pouches and cooked at a precisely controlled temperature, the sous vide technique produces perfect dishes every time.

In just a few simple steps, you'll serve delicious gourmet meals. Just season your dish, seal the meal in cooking pouches, simmer in the SousVide Supreme water bath, sear or sauce as desired, and serve! Step-by-step instructions are included. 

MORE -- Video: How to Cook Sous Vide, Book: Douglas E. Baldwin - Sous Vide for the Home Cook

With its sleek compact design, a patented PID controller, easy-to-use digital LED display, and a professional 11.5 litre capacity, the SousVide Supreme delivers exquisite gourmet quality every single time.

Simply vacuum-seal your favourite foods to lock in and infuse flavour and nutrition. Select the precise temperature at which you want to cook your food. The SousVide Supreme is accurate to within one degree Fahrenheit or a half a degree Celsius, guaranteeing your consistent, perfect results every time you cook.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are now ready at the simple touch of a button. Foods cooked in the SousVide Supreme develop incredible flavours and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other cooking technique. The water oven is so easy to use, it's almost impossible to overcook food this way.

SousVide cooking is exploding and quickly becoming one of the most popular cooking techniques for the home cook, as it has been for decades for the professional chef. The award-winning SousVide Supreme has received outstanding reviews across the board from home cooks, culinary experts and the international media.

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Water Oven Only - $479.00
Water Oven w/Full Sous Vide Package - $599.00