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Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp from Sperti
Sperti - Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp
Sperti - Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp

Sperti - Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp

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Info: Sunlamp for Tanning

This lamp is currently unavailable.

Salon quality, at home convenience. This Fiji Sun tanning lamp from Sperti is a great unit with a larger coverage and short tanning time that allows you to tan in the convenience of your own home.

Shipping included to most locations in Canada.

Product Notes:

Adjustable stand allows you to position the lamp at any angle for facial and body tanning.

Aviva is your source for top quality personal sun tanning lamps in Canada. Our Sperti products ship from Canada (for free to most locations), so you get quick delivery with no surprise charges or additional import fees.

This lamp is currently unavailable.

Please note that this Fiji Sun Sperti model is a tanning lamp. Light therapy lamps aren't interchangeable; there are different products designed for specific applications including Sperti's Vitamin D Lamp and a selection of Theralite SAD lamps from Carex.

Download Sperti Fiji Sun Lamp Owner's Manual [PDF ~0.25 MB]

Fiji Sunlamp Product Specifications:

• 1000 hour bulb life
• Runs cool
• Immediate restart - No warm up or cool down
• Sperti offers a 7-year product warranty on the lamp (6 months on the bulbs)
• For use with 110 v or 220v
• Heavy gauge metal for long life and durability
• Over 60 years of technology development
• Electronic ballast
• Removable power cord
• 70% UVA / 30% UVB
• Size: 22" L x 9" W x 14" H
• Weight: 15 lbs
• Comes fully assembled

Sperti Replacement Bulbs

No prescription required.

KBD Fiji Sun Lamp Operating Instructions:

• Place tanning lamp unit 18” (inches) from your skin
• Plug the lamp into a 120 volt - 244 volt (50Hz/60Hz) power source
• Set the timer to 15 minutes
• Turn power switch on
• Follow the recommended tanning exposure schedule
• Unplug the lamp for storage and service

Recommended Tanning Exposure Schedule: To reduce the chance of unintended overexposure from this appliance and its UV rays, read the included instructions, determine your skin type, then follow the manufacturer's recommended exposure schedule.

Skin Type I (highly sun sensitive people who always burn and never tan), should not use this ultraviolet device.

Skin Types II-VI: 15 minutes at a distance of 18" from the metal grille, 3x per week not less than 48 hours apart, exposing different parts of the body.

Aviva PLU: 5715 - Personal table-top Sperti sun tanning lamp for home use.

Suggested Usage:

Different skin type require different exposure times and distances. The figures given for time and distances are safe for average skin. Not to exceed 3 exposures per week.


It's important to follow the usage instructions outlined by Sperti and to wear the protective eyewear provided with the lamp. This product is not for use by persons under the age of 18 years. This lamp must not be used if skin lesions or open wounds are present. This product should not be used by individuals who have had skin cancer or have a family history of skin cancer.

UPC / Barcode: 863958000269