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SpiderTech - X Spider Kinesiology Tape System

SpiderTech - X Spider Kinesiology Tape System

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X Spider kinesiology tape from Spider Tech gives you support for your aches and pains without the use of supplements, drugs, or medications. A uniquely designed tape, Spider Tech’s X Spider mimics the thickness and elasticity of human skin, providing the body with protection from further strain.

Easy to apply and pre-cut, research has shown X Spider tape may be able to block pain through a process called “sensory gating,” which is a process in which nerve endings on the skin are covered to suppress pain. With alignment instructions included in each package, Spider Tech X Spider tape is a simple solution to aches and muscle pains.

Product Notes:

Latest packaging may not be quite as shown.

Suggested Usage:

Follow directions and apply to skin. If applied and worn properly, each application can last up to five days.

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