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SpineDok Deluxe Back Care System
Optional Travel for Bag SpineDok Deluxe Back Care System

SpineDok - Deluxe Back Care System

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Info: Back Therapy Device - Deluxe Travel System with Bag

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Get relief. Get SpineDok. If you spend long hours hunched over a computer or playing sports and you feel it, later, the SpineDok is for you. SpineDok helps to eliminate back pain and discomfort by restoring the back to a more normal posture.

Product Notes:

SpineDok's network of curves work to gently stretch, align and relax your entire back, shoulders and neck. In as little as five minutes a day, you may relieve back pain, loosen muscles and develop a better posture..

For those seeking relief from back problems, this Deluxe SpineDok support system may help you to alleviate chronic back pain in just minutes a day. Deluxe System includes SpineDok base, gel pack, riser set, pillow and instructional DVD. The Deluxe Travel System also includes the travel bag.

The SpineDok Deluxe System includes the following:

Explanation of Benefits of SpineDok Back Therapy System

SpineDok Base: The SpineDok base unit employs a unique network of curves that provide a firm structure for safe, gradual conditioning of the spine and relief from both upper and lower back pain as well as tight neck and shoulder muscles. The base unit is made of clear Polycarbonate Plastic, measures L 25 1/2" x W 8.0" x H 2 5/8" and weighs 2.4 lbs.

Gel Pack: Using the Gel Pack with the SpineDok provides a soft, cloud like experience. You can also achieve an even deeper stretch through the use of heat or cold. The SpineDok Gel Pack is filled with distilled water, comes in a 100% cotton washable cloth cover with Velcro closure for easy positioning, measures L 8.0" x W 4 1/2" and weighs 2.25 lbs.

3-Piece Riser Set: The Riser Set enhances the SpineDok experience and increases the stretch by providing additional height. The Risers are generally added after using the SpineDok for approximately 3 weeks. Once you become comfortable with the SpineDok Base, you may add up to 2 sets of Risers to the unit.

Pillow: The included pillow provides firm support for your head and neck as you begin your SpineDok practice. You may also wish to place additional pillows beneath your elbows and knees as you get started.

Multi Media: An easy-to-follow instructional DVD includes step-by-step set up directions as well as several suggested SpineDok exercises. These exercises will help you maximize the results of your SpineDok practice.

SpineDok Deluxe Travel System

(Accessory Option) The SpineDok Deluxe Travel System also includes the Portable Travel Bag: Don't let travel interrupt your SpineDok practice! With the SpineDok Portable Travel Bag you can get relief from back pain and muscle tension anytime, anywhere. Large enough to house the base unit, 3-piece riser set, gel pack, and pillow, the sturdy and convenient Travel Bag features a shoulder strap and handle, enabling you to bring your SpineDok System with you and continue your practice on the go. Made of 100% polyester with a 100% polypropylene strap, measures L 29 1/3" x W 8 7/8" x H 4 1/3" and weighs 9 oz.

Video Transcription:

Now you can get relief from back pain in as little as five minutes a day without the side effects of drugs -- guaranteed! Introducing SpineDok, the all-natural solution to back pain relief.

The SpineDok is a patented network of geometric curves that employs the force of gravity to provide the spine with a gentle, supported stretch. Simply roll onto the SpineDok, and you'll feel relief as it stretches out your upper back, lower back, and shoulders.

Nothing else works like the SpineDok. So if you or someone you love is
suffering from back pain, purchase your SpineDok today.

You'll get the SpineDok base plus a custom-fitted gel pad so you can use
heat or cold to get an even deeper stretch. Your SpineDok even comes with a step-by-step instructional DVD and includes exercises designed to increase your flexibility.

You can use your portable SpineDok anywhere, at home, in the office, or on vacation.

At SpineDok, we understand that you may be skeptical because so many pain relief solutions fail to live up to their promises. That's why we want you to try SpineDok for yourself, risk free. You'll discover why 9 out of 10 SpineDok purchasers keep it -- because it works!

SpineDok, a better back for life.

Suggested Usage:

Place SpineDok on a hard, flat surface. Rest your body on the SpineDok, with the highest point of the curves near your T4 vertebrae. Switch directions and rest your body on the SpineDock with the bottom of your rib cage at the highest point of SpineDok's curves.


When heating the gel pack, a temperature that is comfortable for you means a temperature that you can comfortably hold in your hand without burning yourself. If you cannot hold it for more than 1 or 2 seconds without burning your hand, then it is too hot. Risers are NOT to be used by beginners under any circumstances, unless they are over 6 feet in height.