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Squip - Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

Squip - Baby NasaKleen Nasal Aspirator

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Info: Kit Includes 50 Replacement Filters

Babies can get stuffed-up noses just like the rest of us if they encounter dust or other allergens, but as you know, it will take some time before they can learn how to blow their nose into a tissue, and some devices designed to clear their noses for them can have their perils, without being able to fine-tune how much suction is applied.

The Baby NäsaKleen by the innovative health products manufacturer Squip is a nasal aspirator parents or caregivers can use to safely and gently remove excess mucus from babies' noses to help them sleep, feed, and just plain breathe easier. You simply place the nozzle a little bit inside their nose, and draw air through the tube, to draw out and trap the little one's mucus or phlegm in the (replaceable) filter in the chamber in-between, as shown in the video below (which uses subtitles rather than audio). With a tapered tip (which is latex-free, and made of medical grade silicone), it can be used on newborns right up to small children.

Suggested Usage:

Disassemble unit, discard filter, and wash parts in warm soapy water after each use.

All parts are DEHP/phthalate, BPA and latex-free.


Consult physician before use if child has any nasal or ear conditions (apart from just a runny nose).

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