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SteriPEN - Adventurer Opti Handheld Water Purifier

SteriPEN - Adventurer Opti Handheld Water Purifier

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Info: Handheld Water Purifier; Limited Stock Remaining

The SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Handheld Water Purifier is half the size of the original SteriPEN Classic. Because it's fast (48 seconds for half a litre), light (just 103 g (under 4 oz), including batteries), easy to use, it's perfect for hikers and campers who value powerful products in small packages with no loss of effectiveness. S&H included in Canada.

Product Notes:

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Handheld Water Purifier

The Adventurer ships with 2 non-rechargeable (disposable) batteries, a nylon case and a user guide. In addition to its long-lasting UV lamp (good for 8,000 treatments) which destroys 99.9% of the functional DNA in the bacteria, viruses and protozoa in the water so they can't reproduce or make you sick, this unit comes an optical water sensor which not only deactivates or deactivates the UV light (depending on whether it is actually immersed in the water) to preserve the bulb's life, but also doubles as a flashlight.

SteriPEN portable water purifiers use ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes. Whether your source is a woodland brook or an overseas hotel tap, SteriPEN purifies clear water by destroying viruses, bacteria and protozoa - including Giardia and Cryptosporidium - in seconds. Carry a SteriPEN to disinfect water wherever you travel, hike, camp or trek. It's the fastest route to pure, safe drinking water anywhere.

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