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SteriPEN - Sidewinder Hand-Powered Water Purifier

SteriPEN - Sidewinder Hand-Powered Water Purifier

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SteriPEN portable water purifiers use a long-lasting ultraviolet light (good for 8,000 uses) to destroy 99.9% or more of waterborne viruses, bacteria and protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) in just seconds. But while most of their UV models use rechargeable batteries, the Sidewinder is powered by a hand crank, so you needn't worry about keeping the batteries charged or having them go out on you.

Product Notes:

The Sidewinder can purify one litre (32 oz) of water in just 90 seconds in the included bottle - without any batteries or external powder! All it takes is a little "elbow grease".

The virtue of that is you can always use it (so long as the water is unfrozen), whether in an emergency (either at home, if there were a flood in your region, e.g., or on the road, if you always keep one in your vehicle for emergencies), or at the cabin, or on an extended camping or canoeing trip.

The SteriPEN Sidewinder provides a germicidal, disinfecting action to prevent you from getting sick from the water -- the UV light neutralizes microbes' DNA, ending their ability to reproduce or make you sick. But be advised: it does not remove the murkiness or particulates which may be in the water; to remove sediments, you should supplement the Sidewinder with a prefilter, such as a coffee filter, or a bandana.

UPC / Barcode: 899321000789