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SteriPEN - Bottle Neck Topper for SIGG Bottles

SteriPEN - Bottle Neck Topper for SIGG Bottles

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Info: Silicone Cover for Water Bottle Neck, 2 Colours

The SteriPEN Bottle Topper was primarily designed to be used in with the SteriPEN Journey or SteriPEN Classic in conjunction with SIGG water bottles to provide a snug fit when you insert those sterilizers into the bottle to purify the water before drinking it. (Because this adapter has a narrower opening [2.5cm] on its top than on its bottom [3cm]).

However, this smooth, soft silicone adapter can also work with either SIGG or any comparable sized (with a 3 cm external diameter top when the lid is unscrewed) metal water bottle to provide a much more comfortable surface for your lips to touch while you're drinking than the metal exterior, and it can protect your lips from the cold metal if it's very cold outside or if the contents contain ice-water.

Product Notes:

Made with 100% food-grade silicone, this pliable addition transforms metal bottle mouths into soft, cushioned surfaces immune to the extremities of heat or cold. SteriPEN Bottle Topper fits most narrow-mouth SIGG™ brand bottles.  Available in four colors, the Topper weighs only 8 grams (0.28 oz.)  Sip in Comfort . . . and purify water as needed with SteriPEN Journey or Classic.

Suggested Usage:

Remove Water Bottle lid, and insert Bottle Topper over the mouth/neck of the bottle.

To use with SteriPen Water Purifiers:
Activate your SteriPen Journey or Classic Water Purifier, and insert it, for a snug fit. Flip bottle upside down and agitate water until purification is complete.

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