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Sunny Health & Fitness Foot Massager box (front)
Sunny Health & Fitness - Foot Massager
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Sunny Health & Fitness - Foot Massager

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Info: Foot & Lower Body Massager w/ Remote Control

S&H included in Canada. This is far more than just a foot massager. It does provide mechanical vibrations, of course, but it also has infrared heat, Ultra Long Waves Radiation, and Magnetic Field massage therapy functions. And it's not only to soothe tired, aching feet: according to reflexology, the muscles and nerve endings of the feet are linked to a great number of other areas of the body, such that a good foot massage can reduce stress, induce deep relaxation, improve circulation, and rid the body of impurities. Detailed Foot Reflexology maps are included in its manual to help guide you on which areas to stimulate to help improve specific symptoms or organs.

Product Notes:

Note, this unit can also be used to massage thighs, the abdomen, the lower back and waist, and palms. Please see the instruction manual [PDF], which also outlines the different reflexology points in the feet you may want to concentrate on to help with different sorts of health conditions or organs.

Sunny Massager Features

1) The pressure pad design is designed to conform to the human body structure, based on the reflexology points of the human foot, with each node conforming to the reflex points connected to various organs and body systems. The body of the massager allows for maximum comfort and contact, to enable direct and effective impact for a more complete massage.

2) Fifteen High-Frequency Vibration Levels: this advanced 3-Dimensional vibration system has speeds between 1800–4000 rpm, which you can switch between for differing massage intensities.

3) Six-Stepped Ultra Long Waves Radiation Massage Therapy: stimulating acu-points in the sole with long wave radiation can enhance the efficacy of foot reflexology.

4) Six Far-Infrared Levels: Infrared heat emissions penetrate 3 to 4 cm into the skin to help expand blood vessels, which can enhance metabolism and promote suppleness and relaxation.

5) Three Preset Auto Functions are programmed in, with differing massage intensities for Slimming, Reflexology and Relaxation.

6) There are 8 built-in controlled Magnetic Wave Levels, to ionise blood and enhance antibodies.

7) A calorie indicator, to help keep track of the calories that would be burned in a given treatment for that length of time.

8) Remote Control.

This product is designed for home use only, the warranty does not cover commercial use.


Please see the instruction manual [PDF] for the customary cautions about using indoor electrical appliances. Consult your physician for directions regarding use if you are under medical treatment or are pregnant, or have a chronic or acute illness, severe heart problems, certain physical injuries, mental illness, or are menstruating.
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