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Swiss Diamond - Roasting Pan 12.5" x 10" (4.8 Qt )

Swiss Diamond - Roasting Pan 12.5" x 10" (4.8 Qt )

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This premium medium-large (32 x 25cm X 6cm deep: holds 4.8 quarts/4.5 litres) nonstick roasting pan is designed for both stovetop and oven cooking, so you can sear a roast on the stovetop to lock in the flavour, and then transfer it directly to the oven. It has a patented diamond coating to ensure nothing will stick to it, and it's also easy to clean (it's dishwasher safe, but washing by hand is recommended). It's perfect for casseroles, lasagna, scalloped potatoes, meat dishes (it can even hold a medium-sized turkey or ham), potluck lasagna, or scalloped potatoes. Free shipping included in Canada.

Product Notes:

This versatile 12.5 x 10 X 2.36" (32 X 25 X 6cm) Roasting Pan is a good everyday size for the oven and stovetop and for tableside serving.

Using nano-technology, over 200,000 real diamond crystals are infused into the interior surface, creating the world's strongest non-stick surface.  Even metal utensils won't affect its durability, and it can be used with Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, or Halogen stovetops.

This cookware features a revolutionary diamond reinforced non-stick cooking surface that provides optimum non-stick performance, durability, and easy clean up. The secret behind this advanced cookware technology is the result of combining diamond crystals (the hardest material known to man!) with a non-stick nanocomposite to form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface which is fused to the pan (rather than layered over the pan, as is the case with most other non-stick coatings). It's guaranteed never to crack, blister, or peel off and is so durable that it's safe to use with metal utensils. And, since nothing conducts heat more efficiently or quickly than diamonds, the cookware ensures optimum heat transfer without hot spots, no matter what you are cooking. The precision cast aluminum pan has a perfectly flat extra thick base which will never warp.

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