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Swopper AIR Chair, Silver
Swopper AIR Chair, Lime Green, With Wheels
Swopper AIR Chair, Stone Grey
Swopper AIR Chair, Ruby Red
Close-up of Optional Wheeled Base for Swopper AIR Chair
Swopper - AIR Chair

Swopper - AIR Chair

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Info: AIR Swopper; Available in Four Colours

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S&H included in Canada! The Swopper AIR has high-tech cushioning and a climate-regulating cover for a completely new dimension of sitting comfort -- as if on air. Healthy sitting in motion has never been as light as this -- Swopper's patented technology for three dimensional active sitting, now with the ultimate combination of 3DEA cushioning and the AIR's unique climate seat cover.

Product Notes:

Sit smart on a Swopper! FREE shipping included!

The seat cover is available in four colours, as shown. This model is available either with or without weight-activated locking wheels (which are free-wheeling when you want to move the chair when no one's sitting on it, but stay locked in place when there's weight on it). In addition, you can now get a Swopper in a taller height than these standard models in order to work with more elevated sit-to-stand desks; please contact us for details.

Experience fluid, energized movement, so you can stop feeling exhausted, drained and tired. Have a fun, energized work experience, to promote better circulation to your lower extremities, stabilize your spine, and improve your posture.

In the cushioning of the Swopper AIR, five functional layers have been intricately combined. No other office chair has so much high-tech. And the effect is perfect from the very first session: bouncing on air with breathable, pressure-relieving, heat-regulating sitting.

Swopper AIR Specs and Seat Upholstery Details:

• Cover: Breathable net structure (mesh material) made of 100% polyester, 70,000 Martindale rubs (high abrasion resistance)
• Wadding
• Soft foam
• 3DEA spacer fabric (patented high-tech cushioning): 30 mm high, laser-cut. Optimum climate-control properties provided by natural heat and moisture regulation. Permanent compression elasticity, excellent recovery properties completely recyclable, Made in Germany
• Molded foam: Polyurethane (like the Swopper Classic Ultra Suede Chair)
• Anthracite base and spring
• Base: With metal and felt gliders (for textile-covered floors like carpets, or for hard floors like stone, tiles or parquet).

Swopper AIR Canada -- Available Swopper accessories include the Dynamic Back Support. In addition to this Swopper AIR Chair, Aviva also offers the Classic Ultrasuede Swopper and made-to-order Leather Swopper.

Please note that Swopper chairs are custom-built to your specifications. Special orders may in some cases take up to three weeks for delivery.

Sit Smart on Swopper!

Sitting still for long periods is exhausting and very damaging for your spine. Now we have the solution. Swopper is an evolutionary seating platform that allows you to access motion in all directions while you sit. We call this "Sitting in Motion".

"Swopper presents a unique alternative to traditional seating by providing a new approach to correct sitting postures and directly addresses the real issues that make sitting such an unhealthy activity."

- Stephen H Hochshuler, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon -- Chairman, Texas Back Institute.

Swopper (which means 'always moving chair') is designed to help strengthen your back and abs, help relieve lower back pain, promote mental acuity and assist with good posture.

We spend almost two-thirds of our waking hours sitting down, working, driving, eating, and relaxing. But the human body was not built for such a static, sedentary lifestyle, especially in fixed, motionless positions. That's why low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are at epidemic proportions. Eighty percent of people will seek medical help for back pain sometime in their lives.

Most chair companies design chairs for static support. They build in armrests, footrests, headrests, neck rests... features that keep the body supported and motionless. They think that the less you move, the better. Unfortunately, this path leads to more back problems, not less.

Sitting on a Swopper is "sitting in motion." The chair lets you bounce, sway and tilt -- mimicking the natural motion of the body. Blood flow increases, which can add alertness and mental clarity.

The unique curve and tilt of the Swopper the seat also helps position the spine properly. Over time, the muscles surrounding the spine and the abdominals become stronger because they are moving, working and supporting correct spinal positioning.

Swopper works the muscles that we need most, without us having to set foot in a doctors office, a physical therapist's studio or a gym.


Seat Height: 6" / Seat Diameter: 16" / Overall Height: 22" minimum and adjustable to 27.5" / Base Width: 21.5"

Height, spring tension and lateral (side to side) adjustments

Improves posture, provides relief for back pain, strengthens and conditions muscles of aback and abdomen, improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs, improves circulation to the lower extremities, assists lymphatic flow, provides a fun and energizing experience while seated.

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Swopper, designed and produced by aeris GmbH, distributed by Via Seating. Photographs copyright aeris GmbH.

Product Options:
Silver / Standard (No Wheels) - $1,099.00
Silver / With Wheels - $1,199.00
Lime Green / Standard (No Wheels) - $1,099.00
Lime Green / With Wheels - $1,199.00
Stone Grey / Standard (No Wheels) - $1,099.00
Stone Grey / With Wheels - $1,199.00
Ruby Red / Standard (No Wheels) - $1,099.00
Ruby Red / With Wheels - $1,199.00