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Swopper - Dynamic Back Support
Swopper - Dynamic Back Support
back view of the Swopper back support

Swopper - Dynamic Back Support

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Info: Back Support Add-On for Swopper Chair with Wheels

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S&H included in Canada. Back support for use exclusively with Swopper chairs with wheels (sold separately).

• Retrofits to Classic Swopper with wheels or Swopper Air with wheels.
• Dynamic patented movement
• Height adjustable
• Anthracite finish

Final Sale. Just one back support left in stock. CLEARANCE ($100 Off).

Product Notes:

While a back support for a Swopper may seem like a contradictory idea at first, consider it a bit like training wheels on a bike. This support serves as a way of easing people through the initial transition or even objection to not having any back support on a chair.

It should also be emphasized that this is more of a back 'support' than a back 'rest'. It requires a slightly different sitting position on the seat to access it, lending itself to extended tasks like making a telephone call or reading, but when you shift back to an active, dynamic sitting position, then you're back into the familiar core strength sitting position.

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Swopper, designed and produced by aeris GmbH, distributed by Via Seating. Photographs copyright aeris GmbH.


Swopper chairs sold separately.