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a Gray Swopper Classic situated under a modern desk
Swopper - Classic Ultrasuede Chair

Swopper - Classic Ultrasuede Chair

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Info: 1 Swopper Chair

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Info: 1 Swopper Chair

These products are temporarily unavailable for shipping. One display model may be available in store.

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Swopper Classic Ultra Suede: The most durable, longest lasting and most luxurious seat covering available. Swopper Classic is available in five beautiful colours. The black and gray ultrasuede seat covers have the uniform charcoal grey Anthracite base, while the Blue, Red and Orange models also have coloured springs that match the seats, for a more colourful, eye-catching look.

Warranty: The Swopper Classic Ultrasuede has a full five year durability warranty on the seat covering, gas cylinder and spring. This active motion chair can also be outfitted with a Wheel Kit or a Dynamic Back Support (sold separately). In addition, it is now possible to obtain a Swopper in a taller height than these standard models, in order to work with more elevated sit-to-stand desks. Please contact us for details.

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The Swopper (which means "always moving chair") is designed to help strengthen your back and abs, help relieve lower back pain, promote mental acuity and assist with good posture.

Sitting is the New Smoking: We spend almost two-thirds of our waking hours sitting down, working, driving, eating, and relaxing. But the human body was not built for such a static, sedentary lifestyle, especially in fixed, motionless positions. That's why low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are at epidemic proportions. Eighty percent of people will seek medical help for back pain sometime in their lives.

Most chair companies design chairs for static support. They build in armrests, footrests, headrests, neck rests -- features that keep the body supported and motionless. They think that they less you move the better. Unfortunately, this path leads to more back problems, not less.


The concept for Swopper was developed in 1990 by German physiotherapist, Dorothea Profinger-Glockl. A recognized back expert, she noticed that her patients, whom she treated for back problems only did their prescribed exercises for as long as their backs were in pain. As soon as they felt better, they stopped. Worse, every day her patients continued to sit in their inflexible office chairs that made them hunch and sit improperly, which made their back problems reoccur.

She realized that sitting properly at work was a problem. She asked her husband Josef Glockl, a design engineer, to invent a chair with her. The chair she envisioned would have the qualities of the physio-ball she recommended to her patients, but it would also look like a piece of designer furniture. Most importantly, it would be made to allow her patients to exercise their backs all day long -- without them ever noticing the work.

After many versions and a collaboration with designer Henner Jahns, the final Swopper was introduced in 1997 at the Cologne Furniture Fair. It was a huge success, gaining notoriety for its design and its health benefits.

The company grew quickly and in 1999, Swopper was introduced to the American market where it won the prestigious "Best of NeoCon" design award.

Bodies are Meant to Move

Humans are built the same way we were in the Stone Age. We are meant to walk, run, climb, bend and stretch. Sitting motionless for hours is against the natural inclination of the body. As anyone who sits in an office chair for eight hours can attest, it doesn't feel good.

Swopper is the first chair that allows 3-dimensional movement: front to back, side to side, and up and down, the way nature intended. The motion is balanced and allows for ever-changing pressure points, which helps keep the body and mind vibrant. In addition, the chair can be adjusted for height, spring tension, and side to side motion.

Solution: Swopper

Sitting on a Swopper is "sitting in motion." The chair lets you bounce, sway and tilt, mimicking the natural motion of the body. Blood flow increases, which can add alertness and mental clarity, while relieving back pain.

The unique curve and tilt of the Swopper the seat also helps to position the spine properly. Over time, the muscles surrounding the spine and the abdominals become stronger because they are moving, working and supporting correct spinal positioning.

Just as Dorothea Profinger-Glockl envisioned for her patients, Swopper works the muscles that we need most, without us needing to set foot in a doctor's office, physical therapist's studio, or gym.

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This chair was previously marketed as the Swopper Special Edition.

Swopper, designed and produced by aeris GmbH, distributed by Via Seating. Photographs copyright aeris GmbH.