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front view of weight-activated locking wheel which fits Swopper Classic
undereside of weight-activated locking wheel which fits Swopper Classic
bag of 4 weight-activated locking wheels which fit Swopper Classic

Swopper - Wheel Kit

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Info: Set of 5 Wheels for a Swopper

For those who want a Swopper on wheels, Aviva offers a deluxe urethane lock-on wheel kit. This wheel kit is compatible with the Swopper Classic (but not the Swopper Air).

a Swopper base on wheels

Deluxe weight-activated urethane lock-on wheels. Perfect on carpeted floors, and will not damage hardwood floors and hard surfaces. Deluxe urethane wheels feature a special coating that is kind to hard wood or other hard flooring surfaces.

Product Notes:

Please note that the Swopper chairs are sold separately. These wheel kits will fit the Classic and Leather Swopper models. Deluxe weight-activated urethane wheels automatically lock in place when weight is placed on the chair, so your Swopper cannot move while you are seated. By gently lifting up on the chair the wheels unlock, allowing you to easily move the chair on any surface.

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Swopper, designed and produced by aeris GmbH, distributed by Via Seating. Internal photograph copyright aeris GmbH.