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Terrasil MAX - Therapeutic Skincare Ointment

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Info: Available in 14g or 50g Tubes

Terrasil from Aidance Skincare is the only ointment in the world containing both silver and oxygen (the Earth's strongest, natural germ fighters) in a single molecule. Five patents have been awarded for its special properties.

Product Notes:

Upon contact, Terrasil's unique bio-electro chemistry begins to attack the bacterial, viral and fungal organisms that may cause itching, rashes, redness, burning and other unwanted skin symptoms. Customers say the result is not just rapid relief, but elimination of the root cause. And, with natural ingredients, Terrasil soothes the skin as it heals.

Terrasil helps to provide fast relief from a variety of common skin problems. Natural ingredients work together to soothe and promote the return of healthy skin. Terrasil MAX is formulated for advanced and proactive relief from stubborn skin problems.

Skin Repair: Terrasil features Aidance Skincare's renowned Activated Minerals formula, a therapeutic compound that boosts your body's natural ability to heal. Additional all-natural ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and Essential Oils start restoring skin health as soon as you rub Terrasil on.

According to feedback from thousands of customers, within one day of application Terrasil can potentially help relieve many types of inflammation, irritation, itching and discomfort. With continued use (2-3 times per day), Terrasil can help clean, clear and support the healing of even seriously damaged skin.

Terrasil contains no chemicals, parabens or artificial ingredients, and it has no reported side effects (based on seven years of data). Terrasil is recommended by physicians and customers in over 150 countries. It is safe for sensitive skin and for people of all ages, including infants.

Terrasil Canada: Previously marketed as Tetrasil. The 14g tubes provide enough ointment to address a small affected area.

Video Transcription

Terrasil Wound Care Ointment speeds the healing of even the toughest bedsores, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, and chronic wounds. It kills infection-causing bacteria 6x faster than major brands in the first hour, and prevents infection for faster healing. Clinical studies showed that Terrasil healed chronic wounds up to 3.7x faster than conventional treatment.

Terrasil is the only wound treatment available that features patented activated minerals, a unique blend of volcanic clay, zinc oxide, and silver oxide. This technology helps provide positively charged ions to facilitate faster, more efficient delivery of the active ingredients to the site of the skin infection for quick relief.

Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda: I've used Terrasil in all types of chronic wound care patients -- venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers -- and we've seen very good results across the board. Now Terrasil is a topical that obtains its effectiveness by providing excellent antimicrobial activity.

Dr. Brock Liden: I started him on the Terrasil twice a day. The swelling, within a week to two weeks, the swelling had reduced all the way down to nothing. Then two weeks later the wound was completely closed, with no recurrence. The product's been extremely effective for very difficult to heal wounds.

To speed the healing of even the most persistent wounds, trust Terrasil Wound Care for rapid relief.


Cotton seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, organic beeswax, silver oxide, bentonite, palmorosa essential oil.

Suggested Usage:

Cleanse skin with soap and water, then dry thoroughly. Apply moderate amount of Tetrasil to affected area and gently rub into skin until dark ointment turns near clear. Apply 1 to 3 times daily. For more severe conditions, apply generously and cover with a bandage to prevent staining of clothes.

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