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TheraLite Aura Qi lamp in use
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
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TheraLite - Aura Qi - SAD Lamp

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Info: 10,000 Lux LED Lamp, with 4 Brightness Levels & Charging & Clock Features

This lamp is not currently available from the manufacturer, please see other Carex/Theralite SAD lamp models.

The Aura Qi from TheraLite is a wellness lamp designed to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder or to help with other conditions related to melatonin production using this new LED technology, which has been enhanced with three new convenient features to maximize its utility and reduce room clutter: it can also serve as a charging station, an alarm clock, and a room thermometer.

Product Notes:

S&H included to most locations in Canada.

TheraLite AURA Qi - Mood & Energy Enhancing SAD Light (10,000 LUX LED)

Recent developments in Light Emitting Diode technology have made it possible to produce extremely bright and energy-saving lights which are much smaller and longer lasting than previous types of bulbs.

The first TheraLite lamp Carex released was a freestanding, compact desk model. With its smaller size, that powerful lamp needs to be placed very close in order to be therapeutic in a short amount of time. The somewhat larger AURA lamps are situated on a stand (with a small base or 'footprint'), and can be placed a little farther away, and their lamphead can be angled to shine down onto your eyes from above, as doctors recommend. They also feature three other brightness settings to make them suitable as a reading or task lamp, as well.

While the original Aura sun lamp was restricted to those functions, this new Aura Qi model also features two types of charging facilities for your mobile phones and an increasing range of other electronic devices (both a standard USB port on the rear of its base, and a wireless charging station (which uses the Qi wireless charger protocol) on top of it) as well as a digital alarm clock and thermometer. That can not only reduce the number of power outlets you need (to run a clock and a charger as well as a desk and/or therapeutic lamp), but also significantly reduce the amount of clutter (both in devices and cords) in the room, and eliminate the frustration of misplacing or losing your wall charger.

Many healthcare professionals now recommend bright light therapy (with 10,000 LUX units of light) as the first line of treatment to help alleviate seasonal affective disorder, since it is safe, effective, non-invasive and has few if any side-effects. In a nutshell, it works like a summer morning sunrise: when the intense light enters the top of the eyes, it switches off our brain's production of melatonin, the sedative which makes us drowsy, and which can also make us moody, withdrawn, and/or irritable.

This light may also be able to help with several other issues which tie into melatonin production and the sleep/wake cycle, such as jet lag, adjusting to shift work, or other types of irregular sleeping patterns.

For more information about this treatment modality, please see our Frequently asked questions about light therapy page.

TheraLite Aura Features and Specifications

• Provides 10,000 LUX at a distance of 12" (30 cm)
• Light Source: 168 LED Bulbs, 3000K
• Lens material: High-impact polycarbonate
• 100% UV Free
• Power source: standard 110-120 V AC power cord, 60Hz
• Power consumption: 48 watts
• Control Panel: On, Off, and Brightness level buttons conveniently located on the front of the base of the unit (as shown in the product photos and video)
• Lamphead is adjustable to many angles (using the large knob at the top of the neck on the stem), to ensure is it positioned to shine above your eyes, or to reposition to use for various other lighting tasks
• Recommended Session Times for SAD: 30 minutes when lamphead is positioned 12 inches (30cm) above eyes; or 60 minutes when positioned 18"/45cm away; or 120 minutes when 24"/60 cm away.

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- 22 x 11.25 x 11.5 inches (56 x 28 x 29 cm) altogether;
- the lamphead is about 11 inches wide by 8 inches high and 1-1/2 inches deep;
- the base is about 6-1/4" wide and 8-1/8 inches back to front;
- the stem is 12 inches high, and requires at least another 7 to 8 inches clearance for the lamphead on top, unless it is angled more horizontally.

Warranty: One-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Model number: FGE805CA - Theralight / Compass / Carex

Suggested Usage:

As a therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or "the Winter Blues," it is best to use the TheraLite Aura at full power soon after you first get up. For the full effect, use it for at least 30 minutes if the lamp head is shining from the recommended distance of 12 inches away (30 cm) from the top of your eyes... or more, if it is farther away (60 minutes, if it is 18" (45 cm) away; or 120 minutes if positioned 24" (60 cm) away).

UPC / Barcode: 627394038305