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Tonica - DIY Kombucha Kit

Tonica - DIY Kombucha Kit

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Info: In-Store Only (Refrigeration Required)

This Tonica Kit requires refrigeration. Looking for products we can ship? See Kombucha Mill Live Scoby and the kefir/kombucha maker from Kefirko.

Tonica's Kombucha SCOBY/DIY Kit is often available at our retail store in Winnipeg, but please contact us to confirm availability.

Product Notes:

If you've already come to appreciate the many benefits of Kombucha but are looking for a more continual, convenient, and affordable way to enjoy this healthy drink, then you'll be happy to know you can start brewing at home with this start-up kit from Tonica.

This DIY package supplies the requisite active liquid SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Yeast and Bacteria) and a half cup of ripe kombucha tea to get you going, plus detailed instructions. And, as with yogurt, once your first batch is completed, you can keep creating more indefinitely using the active cultures you've created.

Video Transcript - DIY Kit Instructions

Hi. My name's Zoey. I'm the founder of Tonica Kombucha, and today I am delighted to teach you how to use our Do-It-Yourself Kombucha Kit.

Inside of our Kombucha Kit, you get our very special instructions, which we also link to on our website in case you lose those, and our treasured SCOBY and kombucha starter. Although she looks a little strange, this baby is amazing and will allow you to make your own kombucha at home for as long as you can - as long as you want to. If you keep a clean environment and give it lots of love, you can make tons of kombucha.

So, along with our kit when you get started, what you're going to need in your kitchen is a gallon glass jar, tea bags, five tea bags or 10 grams of loose leaf tea. We recommend black tea, especially for your first brew, but you can use green or white tea. Black tea has the most caffeine in it, so the kombucha likes it the best, and certainly we recommend organic black tea to start. The other ingredient you're going to need is sugar, so we use one cup of certified organic cane sugar.

You can use other sweeteners, and people ask all the time what about honey or molasses or maple syrup. The truth is the kombucha is using the sweetened tea as a nutrient solution to do its fermentation, so straight cane sugar is the easiest way for it to get the glucose that it needs. So, we recommend straight organic cane sugar.

DIY Kombucha kit and related items

Alright. When you have all of these ingredients, what you're going to need to put them all together is a large pot that can boil a gallon or approximately four litres of water.

So, here we go. Let's do the steps. Number one, you're going to bring to boil 3.8 or 4 litres of hot water. Filtered water is best if you can.

Once this water is boiled, we're going to pour in our sugar and dissolve the sugar. Get out any little lumps, make sure it's all nice and equal in there, and then you're going to pop in your five tea bags, or if you like loose leaf tea, you can put it in there. You pop in your tea bags and then you're going to cover up your brew and let the tea steep for about 20 minutes.

Time warp - It's 20 minutes later, and we will take out our tea bags. So, you're just going to strain out your tea bags and get your gallon jar ready. This takes a lot of skill, so if you're not a good pourer, I recommend using a measuring cup or anything you like to move your kombucha over into your gallon jar.

You're going to fill that gallon jar all the way up to the top, and then once it's at the top, you do the ... I feel like I have skill at this, we're going to find out. Okay. Pretty good. We're going to stop it there.

Imagine that it's now all the way to the top, and then, we're going to take our starter and our SCOBY. Cut it open, and pour it right in, and then you can pour in the rest of your tea, and want to fill it up almost to the very top, and then once it's filled up to the top, you're going to cover it with a piece of paper towel and a rubber band. You can also use cloth, but you want to make sure it's secured with a band so that nothing flies in there.

There you have your kombucha. So, from here, you just need to let it sit in a comfortable place and ferment for about 10 to 30 days. We recommend that you keep at least 2 inches, if not more, of space above the kombucha so that it can breathe, and as well, it really likes warm air. So, I like to put them at the top back of my fridge, so that the motor from the fridge can go up and heat it. That's about it. I think you're good to go, so you're just going to let us know after you set it all up how it goes.

Once the three weeks are up, two to three weeks, give it a taste. If you like, you can even give it a little pH reading if you happen to have a pH monitor at home, and all the instructions for that in our kit as well. Ideally, you're getting to a 2.4 to 2.8 pH. An easier way than the pH meter is just the taste meter. If it tastes good, if it tastes nice and tart, it's ready. If it tastes too sweet, let it sit, let it ferment longer. That's basically it. So, I really hope that you enjoy brewing your kombucha kit.


The Tonica Kombucha DIY Kit comes with the ripe kombucha tea and the SCOBY (mother culture) needed to create the fermentation process. To make your own kombucha, you'll also need: a wide-mouthed glass gallon jar; a cup of organic cane sugar; either 10 grams of loose organic black tea or 5 organic black tea bags; a large pot; a paper towel sheet or a small cotton cloth; and a rubber band.

Suggested Usage:

Keep box refrigerated until used.


As Kombucha is known to be a detoxifying beverage, it is recommended that pregnant women who have not been drinking kombucha regularly prior to pregnancy avoid kombucha until after breast feeding.

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