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Tropicool Hangover Ice Bag in blue
Tropicool - Hangover Ice Bag
Two designs of the Tropicool Hangover Ice Bag in Red

Tropicool - Hangover Ice Bag

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Info: In Blue or Red; Patterns Vary

Ever see those old mid-century romantic comedy movies where the hapless hero or heroine drinks too much alcohol (often because they get tricked into it) and has to apply an ice bag the next morning to nurse their hangover? Ever wonder how you could get one of those for your own use, or as a gag gift? Well, here they are, and perfectly serviceable not only for hangovers or other types of headaches, but also to apply to other aching areas, be they toothaches, muscle pains or cramps, sprains, or sunburns.

Product Notes:

The Tropi-cool Hangover Ice Bag comes in a 6.5" tall sealed tube with a zip tab top, as shown in the second photo.

Suggested Usage:

Remove cap from top of ice bag. Add ice. Replace cap. Twist cap until tight. Apply to head or other aching area.

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White & Red - $10.99 - UPC: 628949057543
Light Blue - $10.99 - UPC: 628949057543